A Few Words About Aquaman - Do You Agree?

Aquaman was directed by James Wan, who also directed Saw and other horror movies. Aquaman is his most recent movie the next instalment in the DC Cinematic Universe.

DC has not had the best track record lately, with Wonder Woman being their only movie that did particularly well. IMBb provides Aquaman with a rating of 7.4, but does Aquaman live up to the rating?

The story of the movie is great. It resembles the DC animated movie Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, though naturally with some differences, so it's interesting to watch and compare.

Each cast member does very well in this movie. They seem to be well cast, and this movie makes Aquaman interesting since comic book fans over the years have typically made Aquaman out to be a bit of a loser.

The look of the movie is very stunning. It's all CGI and it works so well. It's amazing to look at; the visuals are really breathtaking.

The movie is another save for the DCEU. DC have not had the best time with movies recently, and comic book fans just need to hope that DC can continue to make the movies we know they can make.

What did you think about Aquaman? Would you recommend it?

Written By Jordan Smith

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