Avengers Endgame: Russo Brothers Assemble the MCU in This Generation's Epic

I was worried for this movie. The last Avengers film left me satisfied. It was big, awesome and felt like 10 years' worth of movies coming together. The character building, the themes, the action and everything worked. So this film not only had to continue and conclude that story, but also the last 11 years of movies and characters. I had doubts it could do that all.

I’m so glad I was wrong.

Avengers: Endgame is one the best superhero films ever made. I never thought anything would make me feel the way the first film did in 2012. The awe and childlike joy in seeing all the characters was unmatched until now. This movie is not a emotional punch, but an MMA-style beatdown on a rollercoaster unmatched by anything I have ever experienced.

Two criticisms come to mind for this film. One is that it cannot stand on its own as a film. It requires knowledge of the last decade of movies. I’d argue though, that no one would see this movie expecting to know all of its plot points without seeing the previous films. And two, it does date itself with certain product placements and pop culture references that, at times, seem very strange.

It’s hard to pick just one great aspect of this movie. They all stand out. So, here’s a brief rundown. The action is breathtaking. Not as much action as some Marvel films, but it instead has smaller more personal fights until it builds to the end.

The visuals and effects are somehow even more impressive than the last movie. The characters and performances are top notch in this one. No one seems like the weak link. The plot is heavy and requires attention, even if you cut out some of the gags along the way, it's too big to let your mind slip for long periods of time.

This movie does improve on Marvel’s use of jokes. I’ve often thought Marvel hardly lets a serious moment sit without filling the air with humour. This time around, the jokes have better timing and I do think they work better. It’s not as funny as Thor: Ragnarok but it shouldn’t be.

It’s far more sombre, and all the themes and character arcs from the last film do conclude in this movie. Every moment feels so close to the blade edges of victory, and defeat that it keeps you on the breaking point at all time.

In this review, I’ve tried my best to avoid spoilers and I will continue to do so, hence my vague compliments and criticisms. This next part of the review will contain slight spoilers for the end.

No plot details, but my reactions to the end. If you are a plot purist and want to know nothing, please read no further. I know I shouldn’t tell people to stop reading my posts, but for this I will.

This movie was seen by me and my friend inside a filled movie theatre. There were moments we all applauded, smiled and cried that did not feel cheap. These were moments worthy of the kind of emotional reaction you see in some movies.

This was different. This was a event, a emotional moment, and when the credits stopped rolling, I had been crying for at least 20 minutes. I was not alone. This movie was my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or Return of the King or Return of the Jedi.

What we saw was fiction, but what we all felt was real. I’ve never had a ride like this one and will end my review with saying this: people always say Marvel movies are the best superhero films ever. However, for this one I believe it’s true.This one has topped them all in scale, action, emotion, plot, theme, and character. It’s beautiful, powerful, epic.

I’ve been waiting for this for years. I’ve wanted a movie like this for so long and never thought it would satisfy me in every way it did. It’s one of the best.

Written by Blake Preston

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