Does the Dark Crystal Still Hold Up Today?

Our writer Jack Soffe shares a few works about the Dark Crystal movie ahead of the release of the new Netflix series.

As the Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance premieres next month, I would like to see if the original movie holds up before this prequel show releases, so this will be a retrospective/review of the movie.

The movie takes place in the land of Thra, where one-thousand years ago a crystal cracked and darkened the world, and out of the crystal came two new life forms: the cruel and evil Skeksis and the gentle and wise Mystics, whom lived in two different parts of the world, but one thousand years later the eldest of both races are dying.

In the land of the Mystics we’re introduced to our main character, a Gelfling named Jen, and he is sent on a quest by his master the Mystics Elder. He must follow the greater sun for a day to the house of Aughra and find the shard to place in the crystal and restore the dying land before the great conjunction.

So, without spoiling the rest of the movie, do I recommend it? Well from an artistic point of view yes. With all the sets, puppetry, creature effects, music and such, it’s got a beautiful presentation on screen.

In terms of the story, I personally like it but I have heard other opinions that say the movie is either confusing or just flat out boring. However, I do definitely recommend that you at least watch it.

Am I excited for the Netflix show?


Written by Jack Soffe

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