Dreamland Part One: The Fabric of Dreams by Barry S. Brunswick

What if our dreams really did come true?

Of course, I can hear you laughing as you read this. Dreams, of course, can come true. We know this, thanks to success stories such as J.K Rowling, Bill Gates and the John Lewis advert featuring Sir Elton John and his piano.

Hard work, perseverance and determination combined for success. Dreams can turn into lifetime achievements, that massive house with the white picket fence, smashing the music industry with a Bond theme or even owning the flashy car with the rich and famous lifestyle. I hear you, I read the Instagram posts and I see the uplifting tweets from self-made celebrities and success stories.

But that’s not what I am talking about. What I am asking you is what if your DREAMS really did come true?

The moments of pure, raw imagination that fuel the images as we sleep at night. The minutes of creating various outlandish scenarios as we daydream the hours away at work or on the daily commute. What if the wild games and gigantic dragon-soaring, sword-wielding stories of our youth were brought to life?

What if we could do that? Our children? The possibilities would be endless…or so Barry S Brunswick shows us, in his latest work.

Dreamland is the initial instalment of the author's brand new trilogy. Part One: The Fabric of Dreams starts with discussion of dreams. A culmination of thoughts, feelings and imaginative description of well known dream escapades that have been recorded throughout dream journals around the world.

The opening pages, ooze with relatable notes allowing you to fall into the easy going narrative that is the children’s story to follow. Although in my opinion the term ‘children’s book’ should be used loosely to describe this novel. Not because of it’s language or concept, but because of the way it can reach adults and be enjoyed by them too. I know I found myself lost to the dreamland on more than one occasion whilst reading it.

With the turning of every page, you find yourself on a larger than life ride alongside the main character, Eric, as the young boy encounters his adventures in the dreamland. There are magnificent monsters that stalk the dark, a monumental age old battle of good vs evil, as well as a hilarious group of friends that overcome the boundaries of the heart and mind alongside the main character. Its a fantastical culmination of all the perfect ingredients that make up a fantasy novel.

When sharing a paragraph with friends, or a snippet with work colleagues; bemused faces at the fact I’m reading them an intended children’s novel soon turn into expressions of delight. The author has taken all the great, memorable elements or our childhoods, of the dreams we wish had continued long after waking up and poured them into a thoroughly enjoyable story.

I have had discussions about what my own dreamland would look like, what character I relate to most and which slide I would take to get down…well, I shan’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Perhaps this book truly is what dreams are made of. “A deep exploration of the consciousness at the least.” In the words of the author Barry S. Brunswick. Awe, wonder, adventures, friendship and epic battles, what is not to love?

Dreamland Part One: The Fabric of Dreams has a guidance age of 8-12 years and is available to purchase on Amazon in paperback and in Kindle. You can also check out the authors other works, which are also available to purchase via the website.

Written by Melanie Whitlock

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