How Does the New Child's Play Movie Compare to the Original Chucky?

Are you a fan of Chucky?

The plot of the new Child's Play movie is very different from the original. This time it involves a man in a warehouse working on the newest batch of Buddi dolls. He turns off all the safety programming on one of the dolls, and sends it on its way.

The characters in this movie are better than the original. The child who plays Andy (Gabriel Bateman) is more likeable and interesting, and the voice of Chucky (Mark Hamill) is amazing at giving the killer doll a voice.

To tell the story in more detail (spoilers may ensue), I am going to compare the story of this movie to the original, as the doll origins are very different. In the original, a serial killer is shot and before death uses voodoo to put his soul into a doll called Chucky.

The kills in the original are very simple and not very gory at all, whereas the kills in the remake are much more gory and creative. Chucky uses lots of different things around him to kill people.

My final comparison concerns the reason Chucky kills and goes after Andy. In the original Chucky kills anybody getting in his way; he's inside a doll because the man who taught him voodoo told him he has to put his soul in the first person he saw when he woke up, and that was Andy, hence the reason he goes after him.

The reason he goes after Andy in the remake? He becomes friends with Any, but Andy throws him, and Chucky wants to get rid of those who are in the way of him and Andy having fun together.

In conclusion, I really did enjoy this movie. It had great cinematography, is very compelling, and it has a gritty look to it. I think the movie will go down as a great movie. I would rate the movie a 9 out of 10.

Written by Jordan Smith

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