I Didn't Finish Good Omens, and I Don't Think I Ever Will

I didn’t finish Good Omens, and I don’t think I ever will.

About a month ago, Amazon Prime released Good Omens, an adaptation of the novel with the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Being produced and written by Gaiman, many like me had high hopes for the show. And although I think the show has merit, and I know people are enjoying it, I watched four episodes and decided to stop.

The first episode is very promising. Martin Sheen and David Tennant are wonderful as their respective characters, but that’s about all I loved about the show.

Nothing else caught my eye. I didn’t like the rest of the characters, the jokes fell flat, and some of the performances were lacking. I just was bored the whole time, questioning choices and not enjoying the series.

So I stopped. I decided that, with about two hours of it left, I would stop and not continue. I think there is a pressure these days to binge and finish movies and shows once we begin them. People watch the entire series, even if they don’t enjoy the majority of it. I think people feel they owe something to the show, or think it will get better, and it’s worth shifting through the bad.

I can't bring myself to think that though. For me, the amount of good media and bad media is endless. There’s always a new ‘must watch’ show on, or some new indie movie from the next great director, and I can’t keep up. I just want to spend my time enjoying what I watch, and entire seasons of bad television can take up a lot of time and suck my overall enjoyment from a series.

I do think there is a merit to watching bad movies, or reading bad books. Knowing why something doesn’t work is as vital as knowing why it works. But I think you can reach a point where you’ve successfully put into words why you don’t enjoy something.

If you know why you don’t like something, and why it doesn’t connect to you, just turn it off. I guarantee, there’s something as good or better to be found.

Written by Blake Preston

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