Is the 2009 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Worth Watching?

The 2009 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a compelling thriller to begin with, but it adds the rare quality of having a heroine more fascinating than the story. She's a 24-year-old goth girl named Lisbeth Salander, with body piercings and tattoos: thin, small, fierce, damaged, a genius computer hacker. She smokes to quiet her racing heart.

Lisbeth is as compelling as any movie character in recent memory. Played by Noomi Rapace with an unwavering intensity, she finds her own emotional needs nurtured by the nature of the case she investigates, the disappearance of a young girl 40 years earlier. As this case is revealed as part of a long-hidden pattern of bizarre violence against women, memories of her own abused past return with a vengeance.

Based on originally a trilogy of books written by Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larson, the tittles of the trilogy go in this order: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. But as of recent, the trilogy has been continued by David Lagercrantz, with two books to come out to continue the trilogy: The Girl in the Spider’s Web and The Girl Who Takes an Eye For a Eye. the trilogy was continued by a different author because Stieg Larson unfortunately passed away at the age of 44 in September 2004.

Trivia: The Swedish name of the first book “Män som Hatar Kvinnor” translates to “Men who hate women”.

As I have read the first book of the series, I found this movie really close to the book, but with a few original pieces here and there only to expand the length of the movie, which runs at about 152 minutes.

When it comes to things like the editing, directing, sound design, acting and costume, you can tell that this was a passion project and a lot of effort has gone into it.

Trivia: All music for this film and its two sequels was recorded in just four days. According to composer Jacob Growth, the note sheets for the orchestra weighed 33 kilos.

My favourite character in this is clearly Lisbeth Salander. I don’t know why but even in the books I felt so attached to this character because she reminds me a lot of myself and a lot of my personal friends.

Overall I think for an indie crime thriller this movie is definitely worth checking out. Also, if you want to check out the two sequels that were also made in Sweden and also with a British remake, they're worth it too.

Written by Jack Soffe

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