More of the Best Red Nose Day Comedy Sketches Compilation!

We're taking a look back down Comic Relief Memory Lane with some iconic Red Nose Day moments from the past thirty years of Red Nose Day!

Harry Potter and The Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan - Red Nose Day 2003

At this time there were plenty of Harry Potter parodies around (including a fantastic one by Alistair McGowan as a Louis Theroux version of Harry Potter, complete with Neil and Christine Hamilton as the Dursleys! ). However, this French and Saunders parody is probably the best and most well remembered.

Highlights include a savage parody of Ron Weasley (who can only communicate in screams and random noises), and a killer Alan Rickman parody (sinister looks, God I'm gorgeous!). My personal favourite scene was where all the actors sit around moaning about how they're not in the film much, including the montage where it's revealed that all Professor McGonagall ever really said in the films was, 'What's the matter, Harry?' and "Sherbet Lemon!"

The deadpan movie trailer-style narration enhanced some of the best lines: "Coming up next...drama, intrigue, another wide shot of the great hall."

Flashdance Red Nose Day 2009

Now something of a legend, Robert Webb's Flashdance for Red Nose Day's comedy dance competition shocked and impressed the nation in equal measure! Readers of Webb's acclaimed autobiography How Not To Be a Boy will know what an important event this was to him. Ten years on, and it's still brilliant!

Let's Dance has created a lot of comic relief iconic moments, such as Tim Vine's memorable Justin Timberlake routine and Noel Fielding's unforgettable 'Wuthering Heights'!

Tim Vine as Justin Timberlake:

Noel Fielding as Kate Bush

Blackadder Cavalier Years Red Nose Day 1988

Hurtling back in time to a forgotten classic, this was made for the first ever Red Nose Day! Blackadder and Baldrick are reimagined in the Cavalier years! It's probably a little Blackadder extra most people have forgotten was for comic relief!

The New Statesman for Comic Relief - Red Nose Day 1988

In another sketch from the first ever Red Nose Day, we see the great Rik Mayall's Alan B'Stard in a mini episode of The New Statesman. Here he conspires with Margaret Thatcher to close down the BBC. Look out for Chris Barrie's voice over cameo at the end. If only we had such near the knuckle satire these days.

Spirit In The Sky - Gareth Gates Featuring the Kumars -2003

There's a long-running comic relief tradition of musicians teaming up with comedians for novelty Red Nose Day singles. For example, The Young Ones teaming up with Cliff Richard for 'Living Doll'. Here, back in 2003, The Kumars at No. 42 teamed up with Gareth Gates in perhaps the world's most unlikely pairing! Along with the inspired choice of song - an Indian-style twist on 'Spirit in the Sky' - it somehow worked, and even went all the way to number 1!

Ricky Gervais - One Love Kenya Red Nose Day 2007

What started out as what we all genuinely believed to be another harrowing film made by a celebrity, which are prominent features of Red Nose Day (and for good reason!), quickly changed into a brilliant parody sketch. Ricky Gervais was (as usual) really pushing boundaries here in a sketch some might consider a bit outrageous, but, love or hate Gervais, the absolute nerve of this sketch is undeniably hilarious, particularly when Jamie Oliver and Bob Geldof come along! After all, he's got a new single to promote: 'I Still Don't Do Mondays!'

Uptown Downstairs Abbey Red Nose Day 2011

This time, French and Saunders took on Downton Abbey, with an all-star cast: Harry Enfield as the Earl of Grantham, Kim Cattrall as the Countess of Grantham, with Tim Vine stepping into Dan Stevens's shoes as Matthew. Simon Callow also absolutely nails an impression of Julian Fellows. The late, great Victoria Wood also stars, and even Olivia Colman's in it. Jennifer Saunders also does a cracking impression of the dowager too! It's not to be missed!

Islands in the Stream - Nessa and Brynn - Red Nose Day 2009

In 2009, Gavin and Stacey's, Nessa and Brynn, with a little help from Tom Jones no less, got to number one with this cover of 'Islands in the Stream'.

In another Gavin and Stacey-themed sketch, James Corden probably broke the Red Nose Day record for the most celebrities crammed into one sketch in 2011:

Vic and Bob - 75 Pints One Song - Red Nose Day 1995

In what many be remembered as one of Vic & Bob's most iconic moments, they mess about attempting to sing 'Without You' while drinking 75 pints. They didn't get very far...

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Written by Rhianna Evans

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