Parasite and Sonic the Hedgehog - Moo's Movie Mashup


I like you readers, so much so that I'm going to let you in on a little tidbit from my personal life: I have one of those cards from a big cinema chain, were you pay so much a month and get to see all the films you want for free. I know, wild! Well if you liked that, here's another one: for someone so immersed in the world of movie critique, I often find that I have very little to say about most of the box office. So to remedy this, I've come up with a series in which I take the latest movies and smash them together into one article, in the hopes that by their lengths combined, it will justify it's own existence. Parasite A great film, with believable characters and moments of high tension. I know it's the point of this article, but I really can't think of much else to say about this film other than "it's very good in what it's doing", but that feels like a disservice. Put it this way, if you weren't familiar with this film until it won all the awards and the hearts of internet, and now you're interested because 'that many people can't be wrong?'; go and see it. There will no doubt be "hot" takes coming out, saying it's not a masterpiece, and maybe it isn't, but it's pretty bloody good. Also, if you've never seen a Korean film before, and you're worried about culture shock or something, don't be. There isn't really anything about this that would prevent a Western audience member from understanding and enjoying it. Give it a go. Sonic the Hedgehog A strange miracle. A genuinely fun, family adventure romp, with great chemistry between the leads and solid performances. The fact that this works at all is baffling. There's so much about this that is either questionable at best, or objectively bad, but it comes together in an unlikely way. Don't know if that's because the bar was Hermes-from-Futurama-doing-limbo low, or if there was a calculated stroke of genius behind this, like there was in the marketing. Either way, this is an enjoyable, and mostly accurate live action video game adaptation, and probably sits neck and neck with Detective Pikachu as 'the best one of these'. Would I have liked to have seen his musical siblings from the beloved show, Sonic Underground? Yes, absolutely. Can I live without seeing them do a floss next to James Marsden like their blue brother... maybe not, but there will probably be a sequel, so I'm not to worried. End Bit So, that was two movies I saw in one day. Did you see either of these? Be sure to let us know @SuperInkArts on Twitter, Instagram, and the other one, or our forum here on the site.

Written Kyle J.

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