REVIEW: Hollow Body (2018)

Alex Keledjian's directorial debut Hollow Body brings us the story of an ageing, struggling Rockstar who is still living in the limelight of his one hit that pays for his luxury life of parties, booze and the many health problems he has faced through his career.

Jimmy (David Arquette, Scream) is this Rockstar who, while hosting a party, meets talented writer Scott (Ryan Donowho, Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero) and wonderful vocalist Rachel (Allie Gonino, Geography Club). Seeing potential for a comeback Jimmy puts a band together called Hollow Body. The band is set for their first gig when Rachel reveals she has stage fright ,ruining any chance of a comeback. Only while leaving the venue is Rachel struck by lightening and killed. She returns from the dead to become the charismatic lead singer the band needs, only for her to have a much darker side.

The rock music world has been the backdrop to many horror films, be it the band that gets trapped in Green Room, or the band that kills Jennifer in Jennifer’s Body', and this follows this trend with how Rachel prepares for a performance. When it comes to the music we do get one wonderful performance, which is the highlight of the movie, but if you did want plenty of performances you will be disappointed.

When we look at the performances we always like to see David Arquette let loose on a crazier performance, from the oddball Dewey in Scream, the overexcited wrestling fan in Ready to Rumble, or even the reluctant hero in Eight Legged Freaks, and this movie gets to give him a chance to become the wacky Rockstar.

Luke Wilson plays the seedy record label manager who is known to push the limits of the right and wrong when conducting business. Allie Gonino is the true star of the film because of the transformation Rachel goes through from shy singer to flamboyant performer.

When we look at the actual story of the film we can easily reflect the taboos of getting into the rock music industry, from the lure of the drinks and the drugs to the fame running to people’s heads, as well as seeing how difficult family life can be for others.

Overall, this is an enjoyable horror movie that uses the rock music industry to create a figure of terror. We have good performances from the whole cast, and a storytelling process that is told in a way that makes you want to see where things will go next.

Written by Darren / Movie Reviews 101

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