REVIEW: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

This film contains TWO end credits scenes. Make sure you stay for both!

Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to the much beloved Wreck-It Ralph, is finally out; and let me tell you: it's pretty interesting. Ralph 2 retains much of the same charm as the original. The adorable duo of Ralph and Vanellope is back, as are most of the original cast, but in a much smaller capacity. Ralph and V are thrust into a new adventure, basically on their own, and I think that's quite admirable. A lesser movie would have forced secondary characters like Fix-It Felix into a more prominent role just for the sake of toy sales. Ralph 2, however, opted to introduce a throng of new characters, and, most importantly, give them proper screen time. Bold choices all around really. The fallout of the unbridled corporate greedy display that was The Emoji Movie would have hit around the time this was in production, and that probably scared Disney. See, as much as I hate to make the comparison, the concept of Ralph 2 is not all that dissimilar from something like The Emoji Movie. It seems like they were both spawned from a board meeting, in which an old man in a suit and tie said something to the effect of "We've got to make a movie about the internet and YouTube, and these things called me-mes. That's what the kids are into these days". I feel the difference between the two, however, is that one was made by talented, passionate creatives who know how to tell a story, and, well, the other was The Emoji Movie. In all seriousness though, Ralph 2 does what the first one did so well: introduces us to these characters, gives them relateable, human needs and desires, and sends them on a seemingly straightforward quest that will see them explore the length and breadth of a beautifully vibrant world, and maybe teach you a life lesson or two along the way. Sure, some of the blatant marketing was a tad uncomfortable and some of the modern references will be outdated in a few months, but by and large I think most of elements of Ralph 2 that would have hurt any other film actually worked in its favour.

I'm not on board with the name though; as Ralph himself suggests in the trailer, it should be Ralph Wrecks The Internet. I'll hear no more about it!

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Written by Kyle J. / Mooscittles

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