REVIEW: The Purge: Election Year (2016)

The Purge: Election Year, in my opinion, is one of those 'what if?' movies, and it displays the right way to go about attempting such a contemplation. In this case, the film asks: what if the government did decide to make a night where all crime, even murder, was allowed?

Some people expressed their disapproval when the Purge movies turned political, but for me that’s what makes them great. The Purge was generated by politics, so why not show us the politics built within The Purge?

That’s what Election Year aimed to show us: what exactly the purge does to people. It ruined one woman's life, and now she is trying to overthrow the new founding fathers so that the purge can be brought to an end.

The characters in this movie are well developed, each of them with a reason to fight, a reason to live and all hate the purge. We see some characters from Purge returning to continue their story, adding another dimension for fans of the previous film.

The way the film is shot is brilliant; it shows us how the purge affects all kinds of different people, while also offering insight into enough of the surrounding areas so we know when it is purge night, the time when the city is owned by killers, robbers, and psychopaths.

What I also liked about this film is how the rich people would also take part in the purge. They would take one person who may be already dying or are giving up, and they would pay their family with a large sum of cash to purge them.

The real reason for the purge though is darker: the government made the purge to get rid of the homeless and people who are not rich and who are below them. The purge, shown in both this film and its predecessor, is not about releasing rage. It's about getting rid of people so only the pure survive.

By Jordan Lee Smith

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