Society Doesn't Get The Joke

Imagine being in a world that does not understand you at all. The world you live in is not the world you deserve, that’s what I believe Arthur Fleck A.K.A. the Joker felt like in the movie titled Joker. Today I will take a deep dive into his mind and the importance of this great movie.

Why is Joker important? Joker came out in the UK and the US on the 4 October 2019. Arthur was played amazingly by Joaquin Phoenix, who won 'Best Actor' for his role in the movie. But why do I believe the Joker movie is important to the world that we live in and why is it a movie we desperately need in the world today? The movie is about the lack of empathy and remorse in the world. I have depression and anxiety, I can relate to Arthur in a way... obviously I don’t go out killing people dressed as a clown but I do see the point Arthur is making. He believes that those actions are what's right for the world and that he is doing the world a favour by getting rid of rich people who look down on the poor without any thought.

The Joker takes us on a ride, showing us the story of a greatly mentally ill man who sees society for what it really is. It is full of people who do not care for the poor or the rich. The rich get richer as the poor get poorer. What does Joker mean to me?

The movie is not just about Batman's biggest villain, it is about how the world treats us, how the law and the government treat it's people; they do not have any empathy for us. I believe that we shouldn’t fear our governments, they should fear us because we are stronger than they think we are. This is what the Joker is about, it took one man to fight against the rich; I am not glorifying what Arthur did, but he did it because that’s what he believed was the right thing to do at that time.

I feel sorry for Arthur; he is me, he is you, he represents all of us who have been put down by this world. Just think about it for a moment, if you had been lied to your whole life, you have mental illness, everywhere you go you are hurt and beaten, what choice do you have but to go insane and fight back? In conclusion

I believe Joker is one of the most important movies. You see the world through the Joker's eyes, we are never taken away from his perspective, we see his struggles and the pain he goes through. We see how the world does not care about people like us, the world hates people like him, the rich are corrupt and they want us gone. This movie, along with many others, shows how the world is and shows us we need to fight back and change it, make it better, make it a place where we care for each other; there is so much pain and not much empathy for the poor or weak.

Written by Jordan Smith

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