Superhero Theory: Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

What do we know about Jessica Drew?

Jessica Drew was born in London and is the daughter of Jonathan Drew and Miriam Drew. Her family moved to Mount Wundagore, a laboratory constructed by her father with the help of Herbert Wyndham.

During her stay she becomes ill after suffering exposure to Uranium. In the hopes of saving their daughter they inject a serum containing irradiated spider blood. (Another version is that during pregnancy Jessica’s mother got injected with a serum containing the blood of different spiders).

After being incubated for some time she is ostracised by Wundagore residents and is captured by Hydra and ordered to kill Nick Fury. She has had encounters with Hydra, S.W.O.R.D, and Avengers, but most notably Spiderman.

What are her super powers?

  • Strength, speed, stamina, agility and reflexes

  • Resistance to injury

  • Possesses an abnormal sense of hearing and smelling

  • She can cling to objects

  • Immune to most toxic substances

  • Venom blasts: An electrical force of energy which she can blast from the palm of her hands. It can kill a man or even pierce metal.

Can she possibly be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel has created thousands of super hero characters over the years, but only a small minority have appeared in films.

Jessica Drew could soon become part of this cinematic universe VIP club for a number of reasons. Let us break it down:

  1. Captain Marvel – In the new Captain Marvel movie it seems that we are getting an introduction to Hydra and their species, serving as an introduction to Drew’s storyline

  2. Spiderman: Far From Home - One of the places Peter will visit with his friends is London, which could potentially lead to an introduction with Drew

As the title states, this is all theory based. I am not affiliated with Marvel, and this is just my opinion as a fan of superhero characters.

I hope you enjoyed this first article of the superhero theory series. Keep your eyes peeled and spider senses alert for the next one, coming soon!

Written by Ylenia Callus and edited by James Byrne. The cover photo is by artist Jonathan Luna.

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