The Marvel-ous Stan Lee

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee was born in December 28th, 1922. He was an American comic book writer, editor and publisher, whose comics have inspired people of all ages for decades.

Earlier this month, on November 12th, Stan passed away at the age of 95, leaving behind a legacy, which will stand the test of time. He created famous superheroes such as Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Panther and Daredevil.

Before all that, Stan had very humble beginnings, starting out as an assistant for his uncle in Martin Goodman’s publishing company. In 1942, Stan served in the army as a member of the Signal Corps. His job was to repair telegraph poles and other communicating equipment.

When he passed, celebrities joined people from across the world to express their condolences on social media sites like Twitter. Artists on the other hand-drew art pieces to express their grief. An example as seen in the cover photo of this article is a piece drawn by J. Scott Campbell.

Stan was famous for his cameo appearances on Marvel Movies and the humorous way he represented himself in them. He even did a cameo in the new Spiderman Playstation 4 game as himself. The scene starts with Peter and Mary Jane seated at a restaurant talking to each other.

Mary Jane asks Peter if he remembers why they broke up. The police sirens go by and Peter, now dressed as Spider Man, rushes out to take care of the trouble.

As Mary Jane is seen standing to leave, you hear a voice, attributed to a character called ‘Short Order Cook' in the subtitles, saying: “Love seeing you two together. You always were my favourites.”

This line, read by Stan Lee, is a nice Easter egg to find by fans of the Marvel series.

His legacy will remain not just in art but in the positive influences he’s had on multiple generations.

His comics don’t just contain fantastical stories; they teach us that being different is special. That we shouldn’t afraid to be different.

For years they’ve taught us how to be strong and what strength really means.

He taught us to be ourselves and to take risks every now and again.

Stan may have spent his career writing about heroes but for many people he certainly was one himself.

May he rest in peace.

Written by Ylenia Callus and Edited by James Byrne. The cover photo is drawn by artist J. Scott Campbell.

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