TV Shows to Binge During Self-Isolation

If there’s something to take advantage of during self-isolation due to the coronavirus, is that it’s a good excuse to binge-watch TV shows. We at Superinkarts have each put our recommendations for you.

The Good Place – Netflix

It’s fun and original taking place in the afterlife, yet it’s surprisingly feel-good and makes you think. When we die we're either sent to the “Good Place” or the “Bad Place”, our protagonist Eleanor is sent to the former knowing she doesn’t belong there and sets out to earn her place.

The acting and characters are great, they are all well-written with complex personalities and are enjoyable to watch with incredible one-liners. The depiction of the afterlife is ridiculous yet incredibly imaginative, I imagine the writer’s must had so much fun coming up with so many ideas – it’s like Wonderland meets a light-hearted version of Black Mirror. It has a great message about human decency and is highly addictive with several twists and turns.

Written By Jack Parish

Locke & Key - Netflix

A thoroughly engaging series that makes excellent use of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's stellar comic book run of the same name. It's different enough to keep it interesting, but maintains the addictively compelling character drama and thought-out pacing of the world building, that made the comics the works of genius that they are.

Written By Kyle J.

Once Upon a Time – Netflix

A fantasy series surrounding a young woman who is drawn to the mysterious happenings of a small town in Maine. What she discovers is that it is filled with various elements of childhood favourite, fairy-tale stories. But just how deep do these elements and connections run? Is there more going on in the town of Storybrooke, than what meets the eye? As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

This is a fantastic critically acclaimed series, with a stellar cast. Complete, with over 7 seasons to binge in your spare time, your perfect escape may just come in the form of your favourite childhood reads.

Written By Melanie Whitlock

Good Omens - Amazon Prime

It’s the apocalypse, but a fun apocalypse! Adapted from the wonderful Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman book, this show manages to marry childlike imagination with a frightening doomsday scenario.

David Tennant is funny and quite convincing as a rebellious demon who doesn’t play by the rules and is very fond of his highly distinctive vehicle (I wonder why?) while Michael Sheen is lovely and endearing as the do-gooder angel Aziraphale. The chalk and cheese relationship between them is the beating heart of the show, as they defy their respective camps for each other and for the sake of humanity, embracing the grey area between good and evil.

I can’t recommend this show highly enough, for its memorable characters, its inventiveness, its clever sense of humour and killer soundtrack. It finds hope in bleakness and feels like a warm cup of cocoa.

Written By Leah Smith

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