World Book Day 2020 – Enter The World of Imagination!

I love World Book Day! The celebration of authors, stories, illustrators and reading from around the world is a favourite day of mine. Always noted in the calendar, costumes of our favourite childhood characters fill the shelves and book tokens are handed out throughout schools and community centres enabling children and adults alike access to reading and education. Often for as little as £1 or completely FREE!

Not only is it a day to share our enjoyment of stories, but also to reminisce moments from our childhood. From being tucked up by a tree in grandma’s garden with a classic or hiding with a torch under your bed covers at night, desperately squeezing in those last pages of Roald Dahl before mum or dad tell you it's bedtime again. It is also a great opportunity to dive into new releases taking the literary world by storm. Be it adult, children or teenage fiction; there is something for everyone.

Here at Super Ink Arts, I thought we would take a look at some of the latest releases just in time for World Book Day 2020, and show you a few examples of the many stories you could lose yourself in. What is even more fantastic, is these releases specifically can be redeemed using your World Book Day token.

Bing’s Splashy Story – Ted Dewan

(Nursery & Preschool)

Telling stories is a Bing thing! Read all about what happens when Bing bunny wishes to read his favourite Hoppity Voosh story whilst having a bath. Bing is one of the favoured pre-schools shows on television; rated by children and adults for entertainment but also for education.

It was adapted specially from the award-winning books of Ted Dewan; the author who has a knack for capturing the joyous, yet often messy and unorganised, stage of toddler life as well as the parenting that goes with it. There are now over 50 titles in the series, including this one. Plenty of Bing adventures for the whole family to enjoy!

Amelia Fang and The Bookworm Gang – Laura Ellen Anderson

(For ages 7 upwards)

A little vampire who is just like you and me... Amelia Fang is very nervous about reading aloud to her class, so she decides to practice in the library with her friends. What happens when they discover big bite marks in all the books and their pages? It can only be… the bookworm gang!!

Laura Ellen Anderson is a professional children’s author and illustrator. Her illustrating works include the new editions of Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five and the new editions of Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series. Amelia Fang is her first work as an author-illustrator.

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library – Chris Smith and Greg James

(For ages 8 upwards)

A brilliant new mini adventure in the best-selling Kid Normal series, written exclusively for World Book Day. Murph Cooper and the team of super zeroes join up with the wonderful school librarian and secret superhero Mrs Fletcher to foil the dastardly 1000-decibel plot.

Chris Smith is an award-winning author and broadcaster, whilst Greg James is also these things, you may recognise him most from Radio One where he presents the breakfast show each morning.

Split – Muhammad Khan

(Teen Fiction)

A day can change everything. Salma has been caught with her boyfriend at school. Publicly humiliated, shamed by her community and worst of all, she’s disappointed her mum.

Enough is enough! Salam decides to fight back against rumours and prejudice by auditioning for the role of her dreams. But with everything going against her, can Salma make it in time to show the world who she really is?

The author Muhammad Khan is winner of the 2019 Bradford Boase First Novel Award and was shortlisted for the YA Book Prize. This story was especially written by Muhammad for World Book Day, who has said he sought inspiration from secondary school students, at the school where he taught maths. His previous works are highly acclaimed and have taken on social issues such as peer pressure and toxic masculinity.

Extra Information:

If you really wish to dive into the world of books, you can visit the official World Book Day website, there you can sign up to a newsletter and download literary resources. Or pop into your local bookstore or library where they will be happy to fulfil all your literary requests. So, pick up a book and jump into the world of imagination... the possibilities are endless!

Written by Melanie Whitlock

© 2020 Super Ink Arts.